One night Larry and myself were cruizing around New Jersey looking for a new diner. Our original game was to visit every diner in New Jersey without any repeat service to previously visited diners. Usually, we would just drive in a random direction and stop at the first unvisited diner establishment we ran into. We had already been playing about six months and began realizing that the journey becomes increasinly longer each round. However, with faith on our side (and the tremendous number of diners in NJ) we ended up at the Fairmount Diner in Hackensack.

After only-god-knows-how-many cups of coffee we consumed that night we came up with this the idea of an internet turnpike for New Jersey Diners. Of course we also saw a profit in this idea. After all, all diners register their address in the local phonebooks (which only extends to a local community) and usually spend a good deal of money to do so. Larry and I realized we could reach a broader community at a portion of the price. Plus we needed more of a reason to continue visiting our favorite hang outs.

Larry and me were both born in New Jersey and contrary to popular belief it really is a wonderful place with wonderful people. The SALAD bar section, which teaches about fun diner tricks and other entertaining information, will occasionally picture some of our good friends who originally taught Larry and me the stunts. My appreciation goes out to them not only for providing us with hours of entertainment but also for being great company. I would also like to thank "The Man" Larry himself for being an incredible WEB designer and myself for getting Larry off his lazy butt to be an incredible WEB disigner.

As you may have guessed, Larry and I love going to diners. If you happen to be living in New Jersey or just visiting send us a letter and invite us out one night to your favorite diner (weekends are best). Just don't be stingy with a tip.