Since the subject of this website is "New Jersey Diners"
the links on this age can be divided into two obvious categories:

Diner Links: (not NJDinerS)
  • Both a diner store and charitable orginazation. Real home-town quality on this one. This site is brand new!
  • Roadside Magazine
  • Possibly the best source of diner information on the internet. Roadside magazine is published monthly and this internet companion is a terrific resource.

  • Dave Goldberg's Diner site
  • A cute diner interest page written by a dedicated fan. The site lets you submit your own reviews.

  • The American Diner Museum
  • Hey, someone had to write it down...They are the masters of diner history.

  • The Silver Diner
  • The web site of the Silver Diner chain. Worth checking out.

  • The Diner Show
  • A radio show dedicated to diners broadcast FROM a diner!

  • Kullman
  • Looking for that last minute christmas gift? Buy your mom her very own pre-fab diner!

  • Rosies Diner
  • The most well known diner in New Jersey (till it got moved to Michigan)

  • DinerCity
  • Ronald C. Saari has made a life of photogragraphing diners. His web site showcases some of these masterpieces.

  • Midwesterners Guide to NJ Diners
  • The title is as explanatory as we can get.

  • New Jersey Links:
    The State of New Jersey
  • The Official state web site done by our lovely governor's office.

  • Wierd New Jersey
  • A great site. Two guys with too much time on their hands visit Garden State urban legend and make a web site out of it. We need to take these guys out for coffee sometime.

  • New Jersey Online
  • The online newspaper about everything New Jersey. Heck, they even have their own diner section.

  • New Jersey - The Center of the Universe
  • A good list of New Jersey links, with a um... unique perception on New Jerseys convenient location.

  • New Jersey Monthly
  • A monthly magazine about the state of New Jersey on line. Well worth a look.

  • New Jersey Uber Alles
  • You know how your mother warned you not to play with certain kids while you were growing up? Well, they now run a web site about New Jersey.