Today is February 20, 1999. It's a Saturday. It's also the first Saturday in a long time that Larry and I had very little to do and you know what that means. ROADTRIP!

Larry had been wanting to visit the Alexis Diner in Denville, NJ for a long time so we hopped in my car andhit the road. We knew a few things about the Alexis Diner. We knew it was on Route 10 in Denville and that Route 10 was somewhere west so that's where we went. Luckily, we made it to Denville so the first requirement was met. Next we looked for agas station that could point us towards Route 10. So far so good.

We passed Bloomfield Ave. which we assumed was the same Bloomfield Ave. that runs through Verona, Caldwell,and a number of other towns and is LOADED with diners. Then we found the gas station where the attendant said we needed to go back in the other direction and take the second right and we would reach Route 10 so that's what we did. We took the second right and everything was fine until we realized that we were back on the road passing Bloomfield Ave. towards the gas station again even though we turned off the road! Ooooooookaaaay...we tried it again and the same thing happened! We could not escape Bloomfield Ave!

Larry and I decided a new strategy. We turned onto a new road towards a place called Rainbow Lakes...sounded nice. After passing Hicksville, Route 80, and an oil soaked lake (now we know where the rainbows come from) we hit Bloomfield Ave. again! We gave up, hit Route 42 and had breakfast/lunch at the Westside Diner also in Denville, which was oddly about half a mile away from Paul's Family Diner on the same road.

Later the same day I was hanging out on the WEB and went to visit NJ Online. To my surprise, NJ Online set up a 24-hour live video camera feed at the famous White Manna Diner in Jersey City, NJ so again Larry and I piled into my car with our friends Jessica and Allison and shot off for the next destination. Proof of our visit can be faintlyseen from the White Manna's camera taped on the side of the grilland the pillar in the background. Check it out!