Larry and I happened upon the Red Bank Diner one weekday evening at about 2:00am and it quickly became one of our favorite diners. The Red Bank Diner has great food and service and a super active night life...even at two in the morning. However, none of these qualities was the piece de resistance.

As usual, Larry and I ordered coffee's to start off. After we finished our cups about ten minutes later, the waitress refilled our cups without even asking if we wanted refills. As you may have guessed that scores big points with us but while rare, it still has occured before. A suprised look crossed both our faces as an entire POT of coffee was dropped on the table just as we finished our second cups! The waitress didn't even look back and continued her job at another table. Now THAT'S service!

After our coffee tanks reached "full" we were then ready to head back home. I had just turned onto the New Jersey Turnpike when a cop pulled me over for taking the entrance ramp a wee bit quick...can you blame me at this point? He mozied over to my car.
"Where you guys coming from?"
" wait, we're going back home to Hackensack. We came from Red Bank," I said trying not to crack up from my overdose.
"What are you doing all the way down here then?"
"We're visiting a diner."
"You came all the way to Red Bank to visit a diner?"
Without thinking, Larry and I said in complete unison, "We're big diner fans."
"Did you have anything to drink?"
(Again in unison) "Lots and lotsa coffee!"

The cop tried not to crack up and let us go with a warning.