Another weekend rises and falls on Larry's and my second roadtrip. This time we decided to complete a long-time urge of ours to hit every diner on Route 46 from the George Washington Bridge all the way to Pennsylvania! We left our office at 2:30 in the afternoon after our guests on the trip showed up. This time we were accompanied by the giant Samoan, Chad, whom we met on our last road trip and Sonya, a friend of Larry's.

We all said our byes, grabbed a can of Mellow Yellow each (no, you cannot get this in Jersey), and shuffled in two cars with Larry in Sonya's car and me in Chad's. The plan was to hit every diner on the west side first and every diner on the east side on the way back.

One happy family...

We traveled on to our first stop... The Plaza 46 Diner