There comes a time when traditions must be broken and this time I (Dave) leave my faithfaul sidekick Larry at home. (He's gonna kick my ass for that one.)

I traveled off to mid Jersey and visited some college friends, Josh and Brian. The task was clear for them. Be my guides. So off to the Golden Corner Diner - Restaurant in Bound Brook we went. An odd thing we noticed about this diner was the menu item "plain soda". We descided not to pursue that one. A fun thing to do here is sit at a middle isle booth and lift the divider that seperates you from the adjacent table. Wave hi to them and put back the divider.
Brian enjoying a milkshake at the Golden Corner Diner - Restaurant.

A one inch seperation between the Golden Corner Diner Restaurant and other stores showing the classical tradition of a diner being a free-standing structure.

It made sence to next hit the Boundbrook Diner. As we pulled up to the diner it closed...oh, well. Next was the Time to Eat Diner. This diner is located on an exit ramp from one highway leading to an entrance ramp to another highway. It is also only visible from one direction. However, everyone should try to find this one. Lots of clocks adorn the diner, they claim to have "all flavors" of ice cream, and a really cool car out back!