My friends Josh (from the last Roadtrip), and Jen accompanied me on the latest roadtrip. This time, we started from central Jersey and descided to work our way south to Cape we didn't feel like going to Woodstock in New York.

We passed the Felix No. 9 Diner in Bridgewater, the Colonial Diner and Seville Diner in East Brunswick before we finally stopped at the Fantazia Diner in Marlboro. It was there that Josh offered to show us a brand new diner trick - How to Do a Salt Reading. Unfortuntly, the person in charge of the establishment wasn't keen on the pile of salt on his table and thus, Jen never did learn when she was going to die...maybe she'll have more luck next time.

master psychic (psychotic?) at work.

We continued on and passed by the Manalapan Diner in Manalapan coincidentally. We then stopped at the Golden Bell Diner in Freehold.

The Golden Bell Diner in Freehold