Dave and I took a diner trip with a bunch of friends this past Christmas. That was the final diner trip to finish up Bergen County. Since then we moved to Montclair in Essex County. I was the one responsible to post up the Christmas diner trip. I never did. Everytone who was on that trip hated me for it. Now I know, all of you want to see it. Sorry. I kinda got busy at work and never got around to it. It a lot of work to get these things up - typing everything out, developing the photos, scanning in the photos. Ugh.

Well excuses be damned, Dave and I decided for this road trip we were moving to the 20th century (good thing too as its pretty damn near over). We had made some money designing web sites for some diners recently and we figgured it was about time we spent it. We called in our expert Chad the Giant Samoan, to help us with this funky technology stuff. Off to Circut City! We had plans to buy a laptop so we could write up the roadtrip while ON the roadtrip. This fell through however as we didn't have enough time to go buy one, install the software, and go on the trip. But the next one came through in flying colors. With Chad's help we bought a Kodak DC-280 digital camera. It was really expensive. But it is REALLY COOL! No more expensive film. No more waiting for photos to be developed. No more scanning in photos manually. Nope. We spent a bunch of money, bought a great camera, and were good to go. Look at us and bask in our high tech glory!

The Six Brothers diner
The Six Brothers Diner - the first photo on out new expensive high tech gizmo

Modern as we were the three of us had some pretty low tech hunger. Turning around on the highway we decided the first diner on our trip would be the Six Brothers diner on Route 46. We had all been here before as its one of the more popular diners in our area, especially with the Montclair State University crowd. It not a typical diner really. From the outside you'd say it looks like a modern architect dropped a bunch of right angles on paper, added some neon, painted it pink and gave the designs to a building crew by accident. But, architecture aside the food is really good. Well of course we all ordered coffee. I had a short stack of pancakes. Dave had thickly sliced french toast and Chad had Choclate Chip Pancakes with a side of Home Fries. This of course sparked the debate - what is better, stringy homefries or chunky ones? Dave and I are definately fans of the chunky ones. Chad begged to differ. He felt the crispyness of the stringy homefries definately added a dimension that the chunky fries really never acheived. Hrmmm... to each his own I suppose.

Chad and his potatoes
Chad and disagrees with out assessment of chunky style homefries