Larry's (brother's) Salt Shaker

My brother Jeff is the inspiration for me getting this trick onto the SALAD Bar. Not that he invented it. Not that he actually taught me the trick (I learned it from one of my California friends while gambling in Vegas). But he said he would consider investing some venture capital into the web site if we put this up (it is after all a content driven site and well, this is content). Its not an easy trick to get right the first time out and it takes some determination. It also helps not to sit next to someone who doesn't like getting water all over them.

  • Pour a mound of salt on the table.
  • Take a glass of water and slide it across the salt mount at approximatelty a 45° angle.
  • With a bit of poise, patience and skill you should be able to balance the glass on the table on its own. You should even be able to blow away the salt afterwards and the glass should still be standing. It is (in theory of physics) balancing on only one grain of the salt.