Catsup Sports

  • NOTE: This game only works on diner tables with ninty degree angles on the sides (i.e.-not rounded edges).

  • You and your opponent (fellow dinerite) must sit on opposite sides of the table...booths work best.
  • Take the top off of a catsup bottle and clean off any sticking catsup from the bottle top.
  • Place the top on the table and flick it across the table towards your opponent.
  • Then your opponent does the same to you. This continues until one person wins by flicking the top so it slides across the table edge and hangs over the opposite side without falling off.
  • If the top falls off your opponents side, the opponent can place the top anywhere on the first half of the table closest to him.
  • If one person flicks to top but it barely moves, it still counts. The opponent can take the shot wherever the bottle cap is located.