NJDiners would like to extend thanks to the following people
for their help in making this web page what it is.

Peter Genovese, Roadside Magazine, Mario Monti, and the American Diner Muesum. - The creation of our Find A Diner section started with the list proveded by Peter Genovese in his book Jersey Diners. Cross refrencing this list with ones provided by Roadside Magazine, Mario Monti, and the American Diner Museum we were able to complete our list. Revisions are made when we come across diners in the yellow pages or in our road trips, but without their combined resources we would never have even been able to begin this insurmountable task.

Jeff Mach - While going on roadtrips can be fun, the grueling part of doing our web site is the legwork involved to promote it and to promote ourselves. Jeff is the man that does that legwork and we are very grateful.

Rishard Chapeteou - Rishard was always ready to lend us his laptop, car and support when we had none of them.